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Why Choose Us?

We are a locally owned and family run company. Our property management experience goes back to 2006. 

We originally opened our own Property Management division to accomodate past clients, and this was at their request. We sell a lot of homes, often to investors or people who know they will eventually be relocated or PCSed. Our clients were getting frustrated with various property managers, their low standards and lack of communication. We've also assisted people who decided to sell their rental property after giving up on property managers, only to find out their property manager's agreement required them to sell through the property manager they were disappointed with.

We made the decision to start a Property Management division because of these things. By doing property management, our clients would have no fear as to what happens if they are PCSed or have a job relocation. Clients can buy an investment property knowing it will be managed in good hands. If someone wishes to sell, they are not forced to use particular people, or to pay high fees. When we meet someone wanting to sell because of a property manager, there is a good chance we can help them keep their investment while making it much more profitable for them.

What we've done is simply taken what's already working incredibly well for us, marketing homes to buyers, and applied the same thing marketing rentals to renters. We also invested in a system which allows for streamlined and centralized communication and accountability.

The 2 biggest complaints we hear about property management companies are lack of communication from the property manager, and poor tenants. Both of these things are easily avoidable when we do our job as your property manager. We meet all tenants for an interview before they submit an application for credit, background, income, employment and rent history checks. We touch base with property owners at least once a month, just to let them know all is well.

We have been fortunate to receive a great deal of referral and repeat business. Since 2012 all but 1 of our clients have been either a repeat or referral. Since 2003 we've sold over 650 homes. It's safe to say we're doing something right.

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The Colorado Springs Group™
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The Colorado Springs Group
6665 Wild Indigo Drive
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(719) 799-3686