Believe it or not, this can be controlled to an extent. In Colorado Springs, most often the buyer and seller attend the closing and sit across the table from one another. Ideally, the listing agent, buyer's agent, and buyer's lender also attend.

It's our personal opinion, but if everyone is there and a problem pops up, anyone who has the ability to fix the problem should be present (or at least available). Many times a lender will not show up, and whether or not the Realtors show up depends on the individual Realtor.

If you are a person who isn't comfortable with being at the same table as the other party(s), several things can be arranged. You may be able to sign ahead of time, or in a separate room. If you live or are moving out of state you can be mailed the paperwork to sign. Not all title companies operate the same way but you should always have options, and if you don't please remember it is your option to chose a title company that provides options.