You're a party to an accepted offer and now the goal is to get to closing. How do you get there?

The ideal answer is "You knew the entire process before making or accepting an offer." It's really on your realtor to get things going, and to keep everything in line until you have a successful closing.

There are several things that need to take place, including title work, inspections, appraisal, insurance quotes, HOA status (if applicable), lender research, repairs (if necessary) etc. All of these things are happening, but it's really not as complicated as it sounds.

The Realtor should order title work right away, and set up an inspection. The inspection should be set up in a timely manner so any issues can be addressed and/or agreed to before the appraisal is ordered. This is to avoid paying for an appraisal on a home that you might not want to buy if there are major inspection items. Insurance quotes are on the buyer to call to get, and they pass that on to the lender along with any other information the lender requires. Title orders the HOA status letter usually not too long into the process but after the inspection.

On another note, if you are the buyer it is an excellent idea not to quit your job while waiting for closing on a house, and also a great idea not to buy vehicles or run up credit cards while waiting for closing. We wouldn't say it if people hadn't done it.

This is a basic outline of how you get to closing, and of course there can always be surprises or a change of plans. The best thing we can do representing someone is not bother them with anything unless we need to. Lots of problems can be solved without passing the stress on to others.