It's fun. Showing homes is almost always a great time. The right home will sell itself to a buyer without any push from us. What we do is look for problems and/or things a buyer might not see when looking at homes. This isn't to deter a buyer, it's to enlighten them before they get emotionally attached to a home.

For us, most people look at 12-15 homes before finding the right one. This isn't a set number, just on average what it ends up being for us. Whenever possible we like it when buyers ride with us. This allows us to get to know them better, and allows them time to ask us questions as they come up. These conversations help us get them into the right home faster.

When is it not fun? When the weather is terrible, a lockbox isn't working, and when there is an obvious camera in the home recording the showing. These things just create an awkward setting, and then we can laugh about it when we're back in the car.