3 Bay garages are normally a 2 car garage with an extra bay that is an extension of one of the 2 car stalls. Normally the extension is long enough to fit another vehicle, but often not always wide enough to open doors if you decide to ever get out of the vehicle.

In my opinion, it looks good on paper and gets you in the door to look at the home. Sure, it can serve as a workshop or additional storage, but is it a car bay if you can't actually park a car and get out of it? Maybe a smart car is what they had in mind. Either way it creates a problem with the Value of a Garage.

The value of these are very often compared to a standard 3 car garage. It's not the same, and it's much cheaper to build a 3 bay garage. The funny thing is it's always the seller and/or listing Realtor who want to use standard 3 car garages as comps when determining value, and yet appraisers won't do this without adjusting downward.

Our MLS currently addresses the issue by allowing the garage type of "tandem" to be input by a Realtor. It's a 3 car "tandem" garage. It still shows up as 3 stalls and that's what syndicates to most of the websites consumers use. The tandem part doesn't syndicate very often.

If you haven't seen these garages, I do encourage you to take a look at them to know whether or not they are for you. Some people love them, but most people feel it's a letdown when they observe for themselves. My only wish is that they were marketed as a bonus and not used to lure people into a home as if it were a 3 car garage. You wouldn't call the photo below a 4 car garage, would you?