What stands out to you when looking for a home or a Realtor? Why do those things stand out?

It's important to narrow down not only what's important to you, but why. For example, maybe you want a 1 story (ranch) home. There's nothing wrong with that... but why do you want it?  If it's because you want a main floor master there's a good chance you can find the same thing in other styles of homes.

It's our job to ask questions to help you find what you want. We've had clients who were insistent on a 2 story home when what it really came down to was a mountain view they saw out of a few 2 story homes. Once we figured out the mountain view was the driving force we were able to find them several options at a much cheaper price.

In finding a Realtor, comfort is something people want, and that's understandable. But what creates that comfort level, and makes a Realtor stand out to you? Is it communication, knowledge, experience, personality, similar hobbies? Knowing what it is that you are looking for before starting to interview Realtors will make things much easier for you. It's no different than an employer knowing what they are looking for in candidates they are considering for an open position.