Today you are able to customize home searches in many different ways in order to filter out things that just won't work for you. The results will be fewer, but should be much more in line with what you are looking for.

Does that mean that the more criteria you have the more perfect the search will be? The answer is no. The worst thing you can do is limit criteria or narrow it down to specifics. There are a few reasons for this:

1. You are counting on other people to enter information in detail and accurately when listing a home for sale

2. It's more of an all or nothing approach, and when most people decide on a home it does not meet the criteria they had in what they felt was the perfect search.

If part of your criteria is having a large kitchen, that's fine. Did you know that a listing can be submitted in the MLS without having the dimensions of rooms? If your criteria includes a 5 piece master bath, how do feel about Realtors just not putting that information in because they aren't sure what a 5 piece bath is? Technically no information might be better than bad/incorrect information.

It's okay to be picky in what you want in a home you are going to buy, but sometimes it's better to be picky during showings than it is in deciding which homes to even take a look at.