No one has one, but apparently it's always the best time to sell and the best time to buy. I've never really understood how that could be. If you listen to NAR, I would suggest reading up on their predictions over the past 10 years to see how accurate the experts have been. If an expert says something that isn't going to benefit the notion of buy now, sell now... you can always find another expert.

Rates will never be better, or rates are at a historical low... anyone heard that one sometime in the past 10 years? I have to say there is no way rates can hold forever, but so far everyone that has said this won't last long has been wrong. Sooner or later they will be right, but even a dead watch is right twice a day. 

Our clients know we always give it to them straight. It may not be the best time to buy, but we can make sure you are comfortable with what you are buying and the price you are paying. Not everyone can wait for the best time; life happens.

Even if it's not the best time to sell, is there a guarantee you are aware of that next year will be better or worse? The truth is there's not. Things will change, that's for sure. The market will cycle, it always has.

We are very fortunate for the military being here in Colorado Springs. It makes for an interesting but fairly stable market. However, we are not guaranteed that there will always be as many jobs, etc. so our market is something to be thankful for right now.