Each title company here in Colorado Springs has Closers that keep things in line all of the way up to and through closing. Closers are no different than Realtors in terms of personality. Most are very nice by nature, and want to do nothing more than a good job.

While that can be appreciated, there are several aspects to a Closer that are very important. How well do they communicate? How organized are they? If there is a problem, how do they handle it (frustration or let's work together to fix it)? How fast do they operate? Are they knowledgeable enough to prevent problems?

The answers to these questions are often overlooked. If you get a full price offer on your home from a buyer paying cash, it doesn't mean it's going to close. Most people do not give much thought to a Closer's abilities until there are problems that occur causing stress to everyone involved.

Problems come up, and they are almost always unexpected. What I love about the closers we have worked with over the years is that when a problem occurs, we often don't find out about it until they have it handled. I'll take that phone call or email anytime of day.