When we fill out a contract as Realtors, do you know that you have control over everything that was filled out? Even if a Realtor says "it's company policy" as a reason for filling out a contract a certain way, you can say "I didn't see your company policy in the agreement I signed with you." 

Is it really company policy to not follow the orders of a client who is being represented? It is if something is done a specific way regardless of what the client wants.

Right now most people reading this are probably surprised because they just assumed a contract has to be filled out a certain way, and the Realtor knows best. The Realtor should know what is best, but ultimately they have to listen to you.

It's perfectly fine to suggest and explain things to clients, but they have the final say. So many times we hear people complain about things involving their realtor when they don't realize that they could put a stop to the issues. It's not a matter of just firing someone, but giving them the chance to do the job you hired them to do in the manner you expected. If you feel that job isn't being done you can do something about it.