Most people that live here in Colorado Springs have no idea that there are termites here. They are here in some spots, and although not common when they are present they really do create problems that affect selling a home. I've been told by professionals that the reason they are not a larger problem here is because of the lack of moisture.

The reason I bring this topic up is because there are a lot of cases when a buyer is using a national lender for a VA loan, and a termite inspection is required. Sometimes the lenders will just let things go if underwriting isn't going to require it because Colorado doesn't raise flags in their system. Getting a termite inspection can be a problem here because of the report lenders require.

Right now Terminix has 2 people to work the entire southern part of Colorado. There are a few companies who can take care of a termite problem, but I used Terminix as an example because we've used them and that's the entire staff for our area. Imagine how hard it can be to get that inspection done in a timely manner for the lender's peace of mind.

I'm not aware of any houses needing to be torn down, but I know if there is a foreclosure and a bank finds out there are termites they will unload the property. Banks do not want anything to do with a termite problem because if they do nothing about them it's only going to get worse and fast.