Unless you are in a time crunch and need to buy a home, it's imperative to take your time looking at homes. There is nothing wrong with taking caution, doing research, etc. Even if it's a sellers market and homes are flying off the shelf, don't let it push you into making a decision. Chances are if you're in a multiple offer situation you're going to pay top dollar for a home so it should be one you know you love.

We know when people start to get a better idea of what they like because they start looking at fewer homes and in a smaller area. As soon as something hits the market they are flooring it to the showing right after work instead of waiting until the weekend. There's nothing wrong with this, but you shouldn't start the process of looking at homes this way (unless you are in a bind).


Your realtor shouldn't be pushing you at all. In fact, if they're listening to you and there is a good line of communication between you the homes you are looking at should get more and more to your liking. If you feel frustration coming from them you have every right to point it out. You are in control, and you shouldn't feel any other way. You're not a burden or wasting someone's time... they are doing a job that they will be paid for once you do close on a home (unless you have other arrangements such as a retainer fee). If they don't understand how this process works there are others who do.