It's easy to sell a home. It's not easy to sell homes successfully over 5 years.

Most people who get a real estate license didn't have a plan coming out of high school or college to become a Realtor. Most people who get a license do so because they have a friend or family member that needs to buy or sell a home soon, possibly even themselves.

The negative possibilities are not often discussed because it could bring down morale or discourage people from signing up and donating monthly fees to brokerages and associations. Whether you sell homes or not you pay the fees.

When I was first getting my license, the instructor made a statistic known. Only 5% of us in the room would make it 5 years, and only 5% of the remaining would make it to 10 years. Keep in mind this was before the market tanked.

I was fortunate enough to have a great mentor(s) when I was new. To this day the best advice I got was "Kevin, in this business there are sharks and guppies. You need to decide which one of those you are going to be." Most Realtors don't like to hear that and disagree with that statement... but remember most Realtors don't last 5 years.

You don't have to be a shark towards clients, but you have to be one in finding clients. Unless you are able to strike up a conversation with anyone at random letting them know that you are in real estate without telling them you are in real estate you will not last. You may sell a home here or there but you will not be able to make a living.

Let's say you're in a listing presentation, and the seller is interviewing 7 Realtors for the job of selling their home. How are you going to approach it? There is a right answer regardless of what the seller's personality and/or situation is. It doesn't involve a book, a script, commission amount or the company you are with.

In the last 5 years we've only lost twice in getting a listing when competing. The seller for 1 listing said he didn't believe the MLS would affect pricing so we didn't really push for the listing because homes appraise based on sold comps in the MLS. For the other listing we stated it would sell at 425k... the seller listed with a Realtor who listed it for 650k and sold it 8 months later at 425k. Some listings aren't worth taking on because you'll only spend money marketing something that can't sell.