Sellers, it is perfectly fine to ask for a 24 hour notice on a showing, but please make sure your Realtor puts this information in the MLS. While buyers will not be shown the home as much with a 24 hour notice, you still have every right to ask for it. The reason it isn't going to get as many showings is because buyers are no different than consumers who shop online... they want what they want, and they want it now. We are really seeing buyers just skip on the properties that require that much notice.

When setting up showings, Realtors will often ask for a 1-2 hour timeslot in order to show the home. It can be hard to schedule several showings in a day while keeping everything in line. You can limit the time slot to 1 hour, but I want to make a few points in rebuttal to seller complaints. 

1. Yes, it may only take 10 minutes to show a home. Serious buyers take more time than that. Often the terms of the offer are discussed during the showing while in the home. Imagining furniture placement takes place, it really does.

2. There is a thought that if buyers really want to see the home, they'll work around me as the seller. That's a nice thought... now as the buyer is that really telling me you're someone I'm going to want to try to negotiate with later? Buyers really say this and think in these terms.

3. The Realtor needs to do a better job so 1 hour time slots work. If I'm showing homes, yes I can do a better job. However, I'm trying to find a buyer the right home, and what that means for you is that an offer made on your home is from a serious, qualified buyer who has decided on YOUR home. They were not pushed, and were allowed plenty of time to make their decision. This greatly increases the chances of a successful closing.