Showing homes it truly enjoyable. When someone contacts us about how to become a Realtor, it's always after having the role of a buyer. You just don't hear someone say they want to be a Realtor after going through a listing appointment or any of the aspects that aren't as enjoyable.

When showing homes, we do things differently but for your benefit. When a home shows well or has nice features, it sells itself. Sometimes we'll point things out if we know they are important to you and we think you may have overlooked them. For the most part, we are looking for problems and/or defects that could impact your decision to buy the home. We also look for things that may affect how you are planning to use a home (layout, plumbing, electrical, etc.).

If we are able to point something out that could be a hassle or expensive to fix, you would want to know about that before going a week or two down the road and finding out during an inspection. This doesn't replace a home inspection, it just saves time and stress that would come down the road. You can use these things to justify a lower offer up front, or use them to simply pass on a home if it's overpriced to begin with.