Fun question, and according to most articles you find published online and in magazines you shouldn't do it. The thought is that the Realtor is going to suggest a poor inspector in order to keep the deal moving forward.

Let us answer this question with another question. Do you trust your realtor? If the answer is no, then we encourage you reading our entire blog (not just this post) to try and correct the situation. If the answer is yes, then why not listen to the professional you hired to help you in this process? 

We do suggest using a particular inspector to our clients. While it's gray as to whether or not that's been okay over the years we do not care. We are protecting ourselves and our business by recommending other professionals who are far better at their job than their competition. There are some great inspectors in Colorado Springs, but not all inspectors are equal.

We love it when we know an inspector is willing to tell a potential buyer that they may want to keep looking for another home no matter what the seller would be willing to do. Some problems are not worth dealing with. Sometimes it's clear a seller hasn't taken good care of a home.

If we recommend a good inspector to the buyer, we know the inspection is going to be a full scope of the house. We know that when it comes to negotiation that an inspection report from a true professional is going to be very hard to dispute or disagree with. The buyer is going to be happy in the home if the decide to buy it. The buyers aren't going to start noticing all kinds of problems right after moving into the house. If there are things that don't need fixing right away but could in the near future, our clients are going to be aware of those if we have any say in it. 

We work a lot with repeat clients and people that are referred to us. Some of these people have decided not to buy homes based on what an inspector we recommended had to say about the home. They were thankful we recommended the inspector, and then we went and found another home for them.