We love pets, and couldn't imagine not having them. With that being said there are people who don't want any history of any kind of pets in a home they are going to buy. Here in Colorado Springs that's a little hard to find since we live in such a pet friendly area.

Sometimes the reason is due to health and/or allergies. Cleaning everything in the home including the carpet just isn't enough sometimes, and it's understandable. There are also people who just aren't comfortable living in a home that had animals inside, it's just their personal preference.

Even more of a rare situation, we've had clients who asked us to ask for pets in an offer they were making. We all know there are some animals that just win the hearts of others with their personality. We've seen a pet have huge impacts on how much someone likes a home (and dislike a home as well).

The craziest thing... sellers have accepted offers that included asking for their pet. No way did we ever think that would happen.