You should always make sure a permit is pulled whenever a new roof is put on your home. Some roofers will say it's not necessary, our reputation is solid so you know we do things right. There are a few roofers who go about things as a way to save you money... we can save you some money by not permitting it. Nice people do not equal a quality job done right the first time. 

For a roofer to suggest saving money by not pulling a permit is the same thing as saying I'll charge you less if I'm not held accountable. If they really are that great of a company so intent on saving the consumer money they will have a lower price point for the same things as other roofers you get bids from.

It's very easy to see whether or not a permit has been pulled on Pikes Peak Regional Buliding's website. You simply search for permits by property address. You can see when permits were pulled, if they were finalized or voided, and even see notes posted as to what occurred when regional visited the home.

During the winter months it is possible for regional to get backed up on finalizing permits. We do get snow, and conditions can make it hard for them to verify everything was done correctly. As long as a roofer pulls a permit and you have verified it, there is a good chance they are going to do a better job so it is finalized when regional does make it out. The permit will not be finalized until regional is satisfied.

If you're unsure of what current rules are, check with regional building to see. People often are surprised at how helpful they can be.