As a buyer, leaving feedback is a great way to convey things to a seller that may help them sell the home quicker and/or for a higher price to someone else in the future. Your feedback is priceless, and when your realtor leaves that feedback they can add their own as well to further help the seller.

While leaving feedback is a very nice thing to do, if you are interested in a home I would advise against it. This doesn't mean your realtor just doesn't respond to anything. They should contact the seller's realtor to let them know that you are interested, and would prefer not to leave feedback at this time.

Some of the reasons why are obvious, while others are not. What isn't obvious is what can really hurt your position. Below are 2 scenarios in which trying to be nice and offering up feedback can hurt you if you are contemplating making an offer: 

1. Let's say you were concerned about the age/condition the roof appeared to be in as the buyer. If you make an offer which is accepted, you then move on to your inspection. The inspection reveals that the roof needs to be replaced. You let the seller know that you want the roof replaced and the respond by stating we thought your offer reflected concerns you had with the roof.

2. You are interested in a 3 homes. You decide on home number 2, and after a few days you find out several alterations to the home were not permitted. You cancel on that one, but in the meantime home number 1 went under contract and you only have number 3 left to choose from (nothing better has come onto the market). You make an offer on home number 3 and they have since "improved" things you had hesitation with. They counter your offer higher because the home is worth more (in their minds) then when you last saw it. This really happens and can be very difficult for a buyer.

If interest falls and/or you find another home, leaving feedback can be just fine. It's important to be courteous, but at the same time protect your interests. I guarantee you if a seller knows you are interested they may want to know what needs to happen to make a deal work out. What this often means is "What can I do, without spending a lot of money, to make this house the right one for you". This is exactly why I would rather just not leave any feedback until we are negotiating.