Depending on the type of financing you obtain for your loan, you might be putting anywhere from 0 to 25% down on a home. For some types of financing making a larger down payment on your home might allow you to avoid mortgage insurance that now lasts the life of the loan.

Your down payment amount is factored in to how much home you can afford to buy while still having a monthly payment you are able to qualify for. Some people like the thought of putting down more money just to keep the mortgage amount down. While it seems like a good idea I would recommend talking to a CPA or financial advisor before doing this.

With low interest rates you could be better off making the minimum down payment and using the extra funds you have available for other things. We aren't financial advisors but we see people make decisions on the size of a down payment that they've later regretted. It's best to consult with a professional for guidance on what's best for your situation. Your lender and/or realtor might offer advice but remember they aren't experts in financial advising.