Realtors in general really are good natured people. It's hard to find a Realtor that doesn't have a good personality, if they didn't have one it would be very hard to last long in this business. With that being said there are a few of us who are "pushy", and I'm going to address that.

When you list your home, here in the Colorado Springs area there are thousands of us to choose from. Some of those feel as though they are your only choice and you're going to do things their way or you can find someone else. Trust me... find someone else. If a Realtor is pushy up front before there is any type of contract with them, how much better can things get? What is their motivation to be less pushy once they have a contract? 

In selling your home you are hiring a professional to guide you. You have to be involved in the process, and you have to work together to make the sale happen. There is nothing wrong with guidance, but if someone is telling you how it is and you don't agree, look at your other options.

Comfort is a must with choosing a Realtor. If it's not there, it's hard to have a smooth transaction. Whether or not it is the most important thing is up the individual. You might even end up getting close to what you want in the end, but if you aren't comfortable with things at the beginning whose to say they get better by the end? Maybe you can handle that, but the truth is you can have both comfort and success.