Realtors in general really are good natured people. It's hard to find a Realtor that doesn't have a good personality, if they didn't have one it would be very hard to last long in this business. With that being said there are a few of us who are "pushy", and I'm going to address that.

When you are looking for a home to buy, it can be a real challenge to find the right Realtor to guide you. The reason it can be challenging is it's hard enough to find the right home, now you have to find the right Realtor while you're at it. What happens if you find the right home but the Realtor who showed it to you isn't necessarily the one you want representing you? It happens.

If you're feeling pressured to make an offer or look at more than you're comfortable with, ask to terminate the contract (if you've signed one). If someone is pressuring you to sign a contract make it for the next few homes only just to see how things are working out for you as the buyer. Let's face it... not every home is a great home and/or a great deal... yet some Realtors make it seem that way. 

You should feel educated by your realtor, and you should feel like you have an edge over the competition. These things, along with your comfort level are so important for you to end up with the right home. When you find the right home, you will know it when you go inside. You're not going to know it's the right home because someone tells you it's a great price... you're going to know it because your gut will tell you. Once you know it's the right one for you, that's when the education and the edge empower you to get that home with your price and your terms.