No matter how much Realtors try to shine up the situation, this is a serious thing that is affecting a lot of people. Realtors dispute shadow inventory because it's a negative thing. Negative or not, it is real and has a huge impact on what's going on. Yes, it's not 100% accurate, but how often is someone months behind on payments and still able to find a way to get caught up? Today it doesn't happen very often unless a loan modification can be done.

Is there an end in sight? Well, the market will have to stableize first and that takes time. Shadow inventory shows that prices falling will continue for some time. Shadow inventory consists of homes where someone has missed at least 3 payments, homes that are in foreclosure, and homes that have been foreclosed on but the banks have not released into the market as "for sale".

There is currently almost a year's worth of shadow inventory which means that if no one else put their home on the market in Colorado Springs, there would still be enough in terms of foreclosures and short sales to satisfy current buyer demand for 1 year. If someone wants to dispute this information as not relevant then please let me know where all of these homes will end up without impacting anyone's home value.