Presenting offers has changed quite a bit over the years. It used to be common to bring an offer to someone in order to present it. Today it's mostly a matter of E-Contracts or scanning and emailing an offer. This doesn't mean we can't add a personal touch or help matters along, the process is just much faster and more convenient than it used to be.

Regardless of how an offer is presented, the situation is still the same. It's still a negotiation. We are still professional and friendly while keeping in mind that we are fighting for our client.

There is a thought process of "Everyone is in this together, and if we all work together we will get to closing". Is that the agent you want representing you and your best interests? There is nothing wrong with good communication and getting necessary documents to each other in a timely manner, but to assume the position of willing to compromise before even presenting an offer doesn't bode well for a buyer.

If you want a Realtor to present an offer in person, you can ask for that. We've done it when clients have asked, only to have them be frustrated when answers don't come as quickly. If you deliver an offer on physical paper, it needs a signature by hand (unless the other agent is tech savvy), then a scanner or fax machine to get it back. E-Contracts allows for instant notification when an offer is signed.