I would say 1 in 10 closings we attend involve Power of Attorney for one side or another. This can be a life saver for some people, especially if there are time constraints and a requirement to be somewhere else when closing takes place.

Power of Attorney can be used for several reasons, including something medical, out of town during closing, or simply convenience.

You can designate things so that the POA is only good for a specific timeframe, or for a specific thing. Contact an attorney or a title company to find out exactly what you'll need to do for your situation.

We've even accepted the responsibility for clients before, though we prefer not to do that. With friends and family it's much easier to make things happen, but buying/selling a house is no small matter. The only reasons we have agreed to do a POA is when there are circumstances (not medical) preventing you from signing yourself. Life happens, and sometimes you're prevented from handling things so we help ease stress however we can.