This is another hot topic for Realtors, and one consumers are often shielded from knowing about. There was a recent survey done on Realtors, and NAR sent out the results with the message "Good news, a majority of you are doing business." Business can be 1 transaction per year. What do you think would happen if NAR did a commercial for the public that said good news, a majority of Realtors sold at least 1 house last year? 

The thought of part time Realtors does bother me because they're handling what is probably going to be the biggest transactions in a person's life... when they have time on the side. We've seen people miss out on so many homes because their realtor couldn't get off work, and we've had buyers choose to move on from certain homes due to the seller's realtor being unable to respond because they were at work.

I'm honestly upset when I hear a Realtor say they work at Home Depot because it's a great way to meet clients. Would many employers hire people knowing this? You're hired to do a job, not promote your other job. We can see how many homes they sell in a year so it's not hard to figure out that it's an excuse.

I took a taxi once to the airport in Colorado Springs. It was amazing. The driver let me know soon after the ride began that he was in fact a Realtor, and taxi cab driving was his side business. He told me what a great time it was to buy a home, and how he could help me. I kept quiet, I wanted to listen. I asked him about certain areas of the city, and what he based his information on. It was a terrible time to buy and while I listened I looked up his license with my phone... he was licensed before but his license expired a few years before this conversation.

I called him out on this and let him know this is how Realtors get a bad name once we were at the airport. His response was that he could just reactivate his license at any time so offering advice and services was okay if someone wanted to use his services. Scary isn't it, even after calling his bluff he still stood by his lie of being a Realtor as his main job.