Here's an interesting take for the public. This is how we handle things with pushy realtors while doing our best for you as a client.

Pushy Realtors often have more home sales, but they don't get the repeat and referral business that others do. They operate on a system that's very similar to a "turn and burn" strategy with prospects and clients.

We know their shortcomings, where they cut corners, basically how they operate. The first thing we do is notify our client, whether a buyer or seller, that this is what we are dealing with on the other end. We then ask for permission to proceed how we best see fit, and if we get the okay the gloves come off. Remember, we work for you as the client, and if anything is to be handled out of the norm we need your permission.

Demands come in, and they try to control the transaction. The best part is that with your permission we are allowed to respond without even bothering you as a buyer/seller. Both sides want the deal to close, and even though these Realtors don't get the control they desire they will still move the transaction forward. They will call at all hours of the night, demanding to know what your intentions are as our client. They believe that by harassing us we will cave in and start giving advice to our clients when it really benefits them.

We've got the emails, the voicemails, the texts, etc. to prove this happens. When it does, we simply respond by asking them if they understand how this works, and if they do then why are they acting as if they do not understand what the contract means? They shouldn't be using a contract they don't understand. By that point they will understand that we aren't afraid, and back off.

You're in good hands with us, and if the situation happens where you get an incredible offer from a buyer using an agent like this, it will stay an incredible offer because we will not cave. We take pride in that.