Open houses have evolved over the years. We do still do them when our clients request them, but we do not recommend them. There are statistics that state somewhere around 11-12% of open houses sell, but this includes builder open house models. We've done over 1,000 open houses and not once has the home we held open sold due to the open house. We have had many buyers decide to use our services to eventually buy a home after meeting us at an open house. We have had sellers who met us at an open house who later listed and sold their home with us.

Open houses benefit the Realtors much more than they do the seller. Years ago, open houses were a great idea because it was a free pass to see the inside of a home. Our MLS allows us to put in 35 photos and virtual tours (as of today) per listing, so the need to get a free pass inside is greatly diminished. Neighbors will still show up just because of curiosity, and they aren't necessarily looking online at all because they are not in the market to buy a home.

Safety and security are another big issue. When we do an open house, we blast the information online so people see it... it's our job. We have signs that are put out that will draw attention. While these sound like good things, how easy do you think it is to greet everyone and keep an eye on them as they go throughout the house when there are 10-15 people? Keep in mind these are people we've probably never met before.

As the seller, you want me to engage in conversation with people to tell them about your home. That's understandable, but at the same time you want me to make sure no one takes or damages anything, correct? That's understandable too. These are 2 basic things but I'm sure you understand the dilemmas at play here. If I do a good job marketing lots of people will show up, but that can create a problem with your 2 basic understandable requests.