Are Realtors even needed anymore? It's a fair and valid question based on what can be accomplished online. Our clients are very happy to have had us on their side and our ratings/reviews/testimonials reflect that.

Online home shopping is absolutely amazing in the details you can find just by going to a few websites. People including myself truly enjoy the ease and absence of pressure of being able to browse at your own pace. It's easy to get overwhelmed, but in a good way. Very few people use just one site unless they are using a Realtor's website.

The fun ends when you realize what sites don't tell you, or what they cannot be held liable for if they are wrong on any level. What do you think a Realtor is liable for if they do/say/provide something that is incorrect? The state of Colorado doesn't favor Realtors a whole lot if a situation in any way harms a consumer. Realtors offer advocacy, protection, knowledge and accountability at a level no combination of websites ever will.