You've just listed your property for sale, and of course you want your realtor to get the news out to everyone right away. From the MLS, to media sites, to mailings, you want them to announce to the world that your home is for sale.

I'm going to shed some light on things for sellers:

The mailings, those aren't meant to find buyers, they're meant to solicit more listings from other homeowners. If I'm wrong then explain why the companies who supply new listing announcements do so as a great way to let other sellers know a homeowner chose you?

The MLS is (should be) a standard. If I receive an email about a new listing it's the same as assuming I do not check the MLS when I have a client looking for a home like yours. If I'm not checking the MLS for a listing like yours it's because I do not have a buyer for your listing.

Media sites are interesting. Zillow is something that can hurt you just as much as help you. The buyers who use Zillow also put a lot of weight into Zestimates. Have you ever heard of someone buying a house they found on Facebook? You're more likely to have been annoyed seeing home for sale listings on Facebook.

There is nothing wrong with getting exposure for a listing, but have you ever considered this... maybe sending a blast out all at once isn't the best thing. Maybe sending off a sequence of smaller fireworks is more noticeable than one big one that lasts 1/2 the time. Multiple offers can happen just like a stale listing can happen.

We do things differently, and do so with success.