Since we've flipped homes in different price points and areas of Colorado Springs, we have a better knowledge of purchasing carpet and installation than most people do.

We've even called out a large corporate company on carpet we had installed, and it took lab tests but we were able to prove both the carpet and pad were not of the quality we paid for. We had to sign a disclosure that we cannot discuss details or names when we agreed to a settlement/refund.

Feel free to ask any questions. When choosing carpet, take samples home not just for color matching purposes but to walk and stand on. There are different levels of pad you can buy so bring home samples of those as well to put underneath the carpet samples. It might take more of your time but it's going to be under your feet for years to come... it's worth the time.

From face weight to density, brand to brand, stock to custom orders, carpet varies a great deal. You don't always get what you pay for, even if the label on the carpet that arrives at your home says you're getting what you pay for. Do your homework or contact us for advice.

One last thing... did you know that certain brands of very popular vacuums void the warranty on popular brands of carpet? If you ask a salesperson they might know about it. Contact us, we'll help you.