There are no standard leases in Colorado, and the state does not create one to use. Any lease you see in our state needs to be read in detail, and you really need to question anything you do not understand or agree with. If you don't you're going to be living with an agreement you were not comfortable with before you signed it. Sometimes it's just a misunderstanding and/or need of clarification that can be resolved in a few minutes.

If we as a Realtors were to come up with a lease, the best steps we could take would be to have an attorney draw one up. Some people think they know enough to get by, and make the decision to create their own leases (very risky).

It's interesting when you see an updated or amended lease when there was no law change. This means that whomever wrote the lease has not address all situations, at least not as well as they could have. Just because an attorney draws up a lease doesn't mean it was an attorney with experience in the real estate area. When you hear that an attorney drew up a lease you should still ask questions to make sure you fully understand.