While all too common, something to be aware of when buying or selling a house is the fact that there may be certain things not functioning properly and people might not realize.

For instance, let’s consider a leaky faucet in an extra bathroom in the basement. The sellers may have just turned the water off to the faucet and decided not to use it. After time many people just forget about it. It’s not necessarily intentional or an attempt to hide something if they didn’t add it in a property disclosure. But it further validates how inspections can catch innocent mistakes.

What if your refrigerator is louder than the garbage disposal when it’s running? The sellers might think that’s just fine, and maybe they’ve gotten used to it. It could have slowly gotten louder over time and no one noticed. It happens.

When we point things like these out to sellers, we sometimes hear “It’s been that way for years”. While this is understandable it doesn’t mean a buyer will be agreeable to buying it that way. Keep in mind that these types of things can be a red flag to a buyer because they may wonder “What else has been not maintained for years?”