Many Realtors get excited when they hear the word "investor". We don't get excited, we simply ask a few questions. These questions are important because an investor looking for a rental property can be a smooth process or incredibly complicated.

We welcome anyone curious about buying a rental property, or even someone just curious about how it works and what to look for. If we think the situation is feasible, and there is nothing questionable about the person's intentions we will move forward. If we feel you are looking for the cheapest possible thing that you can rent out for the highest amount of money while repairing things with lipstick and makeup we are not going to help you. How many other Realtors come right out in public and make that statement? We are serious. This city is a great place to live and we want to keep it that way.

Finding a property that cash flows in Colorado Springs is really simple compared to other areas. Finding one that has been well maintained with a consistent rental history can be more of a challenge.

If you're looking for all of the good things in a quality rental, and a sweet deal at the same time, we aren't the right Realtors for you. The reason is because we are experienced, and in our experience when you find an outstanding rental property here that is 10% low on price there is always some type of reason for it. The first question is why are they selling a property in great condition that provides a great cashflow, and the second question is why are they discounting it? Often the investor/buyer finds out later that the answer to these 2 questions is the same answer. It's usually related to tenant problems you can't find in paperwork, an inspection report, or an appraisal.