While it's more common to happen in the Colorado Springs area than in other areas, it's not the end of the line and can often just be a small bump in the road.

Emotions can run high with any type of negotiations in the buying/selling a home. While it's important to try to keep emotions in check, your realtor should not have any emotional involvement at all. They should be representing you and your best interests, and be ready to handle these types of things.

First, be thankful. Fixing or addressing a roof is much easier than dealing with structural issues, non-permitted work done to the home, and legitimate safety hazards. Here are just a few options moving forward: 

1. Lower the price of the home by a certain amount, not necessarily the price of the roof

2. Get a 2nd opinion from a licensed roofer

3. File an insurance claim

4. Set money aside at closing (escrow)

5. Consider allowing the buyer to pick the new roof color

6. What else did the inspection reveal, maybe the new roof is a generous request?

7. Is this an opportunity to get a 50 year roof instead of a 30 year roof?

These are just some options people often don't think of because emotions are running high. The truth is they shouldn't have to think of them, the Realtors involved should have options like these in mind. If the current roof wasn't permitted, the Realtor should know before making an offer at the beginning. If the roof was permitted, the Realtor should know how old it is before making an offer at the beginning. These things can help prevent surprises with the roof at inspection. It's easy to find information. If the roof is the only bad thing in inpections read about Bad Inspections to understand it can get a lot worse.