We get asked this question a lot by our clients. We like to think it's because they see how much we enjoy our job and how simple we make it seem.

Becoming a Realtor is easy in our opinion. Being a successful Realtor is not. Way back when I first went to school, the data I was given showed that 95% of the people in the class would not last 5 years. The remaining 5% would fail before reaching the 10 year mark. Having a license and having success are 2 totally different things.

Getting licensed involves taking classes, passing state an national tests, background checks, etc. currently in Colorado. You can take the tests multiple times and only need to pass with what I believe is currently 80% correct. Then you fill out a few applications, pay a few fees, take a course on ethics and how to use the MLS. Boom, you can sell a house. All too often someone decides one day that they are going to be a Realtor, and put all of the fees on credit cards... last about 6-8 months and then go back to a regular job. 

Here's my opinion on why most fail... they do not have a solid background in business and/or sales & marketing. I've met very few Realtors who have unfriendly personalities. Most that I meet don't have backgrounds in the areas I've stated above. You can have experience being a great salesperson at a salary paid position, but being self employed is whole different level of pressure that will affect your skill set.

Some of the big corporate companies are to blame as well, with the rah, rah, rah, we are a big company and that's all you need to succeed. I've been with the big companies and I can tell you that most people who get into the business do so because they know 1 or 2 people who need to buy or sell a home. As soon as they are licensed they get with a big company and let the company keep large portions of their commission on these first 1 or 2 homes in exchange for the education to help them succeed. The problem is those often end up being the only homes successfully sold.

Realtors will learn more off of our website than they will in training classes provided by the large real estate companies. Yes, they offer the big gun generic classes to get you excited/motivated but what we teach is relevant today and in Colorado Springs. Both Jessica and Kevin have taught classes to Realtors for several large companies over the years. Our classes overfill and the Realtors always request more... but the companies won't pay for them... we've taught them out of goodwill. Goodwill helps when we have a client involved in a transaction where a former student is the other agent.