Technically there is nothing you can do to prevent low offers, if we get one as a listing Realtor we have to present it to you as the seller.

How you handle them can lead to many different things. The most important thing you can do is just keep emotions in check, after all, no one can force you to sell your home at a low price.

We have had low offers turn into sales, because in some cases the agent for the buyer was really not that smart and convinced the buyer to make a low offer. The buyer was following advice, and once we got involved to prove the value, the buyer came way up in what the offer was.

We always encourage people to counter at least once just to keep dialogue open to see if there is a misunderstanding, even if your counter is the full price of the home. You have every right to flat out answer NO, but please realize that an opportunity might be missed.

Low offers never get sellers excited, but they do set some fireworks off. Keeping emotions in check will always benefit you when negotiating. It's not uncommon to get another offer not long after a lowball offer. You wouldn't relay to the buyers that you had a lowball offer come in, you would relay that you had another offer come in that you were still considering your response on. There's a big difference in those 2 statements.