Home Owners Associations... some people love them, others refuse to live where there is one. In Colorado there has been a big problem with HOAs, but there are rules and regulations being put into place to make things better.

The problems tend to come in when people are elected to the board when they really shouldn't be on the board. Some people just aren't meant to lead, but we've seen it where the reason someone is elected is just because no one else wanted to do the job.

We've seen a board spend nearly the entire savings/reserves built over 20 years on things that really benefited the board members a lot more than non-board members. One of our clients had a board member help her with her sprinkler system when it wasn't working and then mailed her a fine for the sprinkler system not working. True story.

There are HOAs where problems are minimal but normally you don't hear about the good ones, just the ones causing problems. When considering an area with an HOA, just ask a few residents how the HOA is. People are very honest on how their HOA is. If you'd like, you can contact us for help.