In any negotiation there is some sort of compromise by the time an agreement is made. We've found that figuring out what's most important to you before negotiations even begin is the best way to end up giving less. Don't approach things thinking of what you are going to take, approach them as what you are willing to give. You know what you want, and once you can't have what you want it's easy to forget what you were willing to give (pay). Sometimes having a backup home to make an offer on allows you to be more relaxed when negotiating.

I'm going to point something out that may not be obvious to many people. When making an offer or looking over an offer you've received, that's by no means the end of the negotiations in getting a home sold. Maybe you're paying a higher price than you wanted to, but you have every right to ask for more things in the inspection than you normally would have. You're paying more for the house so maybe you want it in better condition. It's the same thing when the seller is accepting less for a home... maybe they feel like they're almost giving the house away and therefore will only agree to minimal things when dealing with any inspection items.

It's not often that both seller and buyer feel as though they got a great deal. Our clients come back and refer people to us for a reason... if anyone is happy at the closing table they know they're going to be in that section. We do see things happen where both sides are happy at the closing table.