When there is a showing on your home, as a seller you really want to know what the buyer and their agent thought about the home. You want to know as soon as possible and understandably so.

As Realtors, we have several options in obtaining that feedback. There are feedback systems, emails, texts, phone calls, etc. to get this information.

The challenge in getting this information can be getting the Realtor who showed the home to respond. There can be a few reasons for this. 

1. There are companies that email a form for agents to fax back. I think it goes without saying that those forms are not returned very often with today's technology.

2. The feedback request gets sent to the agent as soon as the showing begins, and that's the end of the request for feedback. Sometimes it takes awhile for the buyer to decide what they think... that means it wasn't an immediate "NO".

3. The feedback request is more than 10 questions. If your agent needs this much information it's because they are not confident enough in selling the house.

4. The feedback request asks more questions as I answer them. It starts out as 8 questions and then ends up being 20. It might sound good to you as the seller, but try answering 20 questions as to why the buyers didn't like the home without it getting personal.

5. Sometimes Realtors don't feel a need to respond, and then it can seem as though the listing Realtor isn't doing their job. These situations are hard to deal with because an argument can be made that there was an agreement to allow a showing in exchange for feedback on the home if an offer is not made.

It's rare that we end up not getting feedback for a seller, but that's because we are persistent. We keep things simple while getting the most relevant information possible to the seller. Realtors know that if they don't leave feedback on our listings we will keep contacting them. It is our job to do so.