When considering homes, how important is the floor plan to you? It can be a hard thing to search by since all you have are photos and virtual tours that really aren't virtual tours. Sometimes you'll see a floor plan online but usually those are either new or more expensive homes.

After selling homes for many years it's simple to look at the outside of a home and know what the floor plan is. The only thing that really changes is how a basement is finished, if there is a basement at all. Once you've found a specific plan that works it might be possible to search by builder model of a home, even if it's more than a few years old. This doesn't always work because you have to count on agents entering information when many of them don't know it exists.

An open floor plan in one person's eyes isn't necessarily the same in the next person's eyes. Once you understand not only what is important to you, but why it's important to you, things can become much more simple in finding the ones that work.

There are a few scenarios where you can search by specific rooms on specific levels (main floor maser, or a bathroom on each level). For the most part, you'll end up in a better position relying on a knowledgeable Realtor who can let you know where to look and what's driving the price differences in seeing the same floor plan in 4 different areas.