The perfect home exists, it really does. The question is, does it exist in your price range?

Even when you build a custom home, it might seem perfect at the beginning of design, but by the first month in the home people realize it's not perfect. Perhaps your perfect home isn't based on criteria or design... but based on what it provides for you and/or allows you to do?

Everyone has criteria for a home, but what becomes obvious after a few showings and conversations is that the plan for the future is normally just as, if not more important than what's wanted right now. It's harder for people to buy today for what they want in the future because it's the same feeling as buying something right now that you know you won't need or use until later.

It's a lot harder to switch houses than it is vehicles. You can't just expand or contract a house, it's a process that takes time and money. There are very few people that enjoy the process of moving. As a result, it seems as though the closer people get to actually moving, the more they realize how important things are that will postpone the next move for a longer period of time. The perfect home is a home that will work for their future just as well as it works for them today.