When things get tough in the economy, and housing prices drop, it's inevitable that many people are going to be facing foreclosure. If you're facing foreclosure, you might feel helpless or as though there is nothing you can do. For some people, that is the cold hard truth.

In other situations you can put up a legitimate fight to keep your home. In terms of what we can do as Realtors, it's limited to letting you know what options you might have, and who to contact. But the information we have has helped people keep their homes. There are no guarantees, and from what we're seeing most of the time the end result is having to sell the home (possibly as a short sale), or allowing the foreclosure to happen.

There are ways to postpone things to allow for more time, but even those situations can become stressful for people who are already under enough stress. The one thing we would recommend is at least checking into fighting the foreclosure to see how things look.

Not everyone wants to fight, and that's okay. What's bothersome is when someone loses their home in a foreclosure and then finds out they could have put up a fight... they just didn't understand how they could.