What's important to you in a Realtor? Before I was a Realtor, it was being comfortable with the Realtor. Now that I am a Realtor, I'm surprised that comfort was enough for me.

You'll see advertisements of "I'm the best", "#1", "We are faster", "We are the biggest", "If you're not happy, fire me", "Best Negotiator", etc. The funny thing is, you rarely see it advertised "We Listen".

With our company, Jessica is very quiet and reserved, and Kevin is animated and go-getter. Both of us know first and foremost that listening is going to lead to more success than anything. Unless there is a clear understanding and line of communication in what is expected in finding or selling a home, the chance of success is limited.

It doesn't matter how great we are at negotiating if we don't know what is most important to you and why. How can you benefit from any features of a Realtor if they are not listening to you and your story?