Our job as Realtors can be similar to conducting a symphony when it comes to getting the dates and deadlines of a contract to line up nicely. There are several things going on at once, and keeping things in harmony will allow for a smooth ride to closing. The most important dates and deadlines that get mixed up involve Inspections and Appraisals. The reason for this is that you need enough time to have an inspection, enough time to create proper objection to remedy any problems found during the inspection, enough time for the seller to respond to any objection as to what they will or will not do, and all before ordering the appraisal so that it is done in plenty of time for review before closing.

Think about this: let's say you have an appraisal deadline 3 days after the inspection objection deadline but 2 days before the inspection resolution deadline. This means you have to order (pay) for an appraisal before you even know if the seller will do anything at all to fix problems found during the inspection. That can be a costly mistake. If you're a seller and this happens, the buyer just spent an extra $450 or more on that appraisal so maybe you feel they're more invested in this home and will accept an agreement to fewer repairs.