For us as a company, drama doesn't happen too often at the closing table because our clients are both educated and prepared. We try to use reputable lenders and title companies when possible. We always ensure our clients know what to expect. Unfortunately this doesn't prevent problems and/or drama.

Sometimes things that take place are just the normal due to human emotion. Sellers may cry, buyers may be overexcited, but all in all when there is emotion it's because life moves on. It's important to remember throughout the process of the transaction that this isn't just a house, it's a been someone's home. We often see both sides smiling at the closing table, and in good spirits.

The drama that you don't want to encounter has a good chance to occur when:

Buyer or Seller ask: "What's this fee for?"

Buyer states: "I quit my job this morning, is that bad?"

Buyer says: "I did just open a new line of credit to buy furniture for the house"

Closer says: "The lender isn't answering their phone"

Buyer says: "We are going to start demo right away"

Buyer asks: "I was supposed to bring a check?"

Seller says: "I'm so glad to be out of that house"

Agent says: "Oh, my commission isn't right"

Closer says: "This is because of what your Realtor did"

Buyer says: "The house appraised for thousands more than we are paying"

Closer says: "The lender isn't going to fund the loan today"

These situations can all be avoided, and can effect how long a closing takes, but if you want to see some hearts pumping and blood pressure rising these situations will do it. Just imagine having moving trucks lined up with paid help over the weekend... closing Friday afternoon and the lender doesn't fund the loan, which means you don't get possession until Monday at the earliest. Is the seller going to just give you the keys to let you move in when the house hasn't been paid for? It happens, be careful in choosing a lender.