It's okay to want everything you can think of in the home you are going to buy. Starting with that can be the best way to get to find out what's most important to you should you need to compromise.

People in every part of Colorado Springs and every price range usually end up compromising on something. Even in building a custom new home at some point you are going to notice compromise.

You can also start with the criteria that is most important to you, which is what most people do. The only hang-up with this is that until you start looking at homes you won't know just how important some things are.

It all comes down to the combination of the right things that make a house the right one for you. Maybe a large master bedroom is very important, but suddenly when you find a perfect kitchen the size of the master might not matter as much. In our area, views of the mountains often change what's important for people.

Having unique criteria isn't usually a problem here in Colorado Springs; it's typically when you hit 3 or more unique criteria that the question has to be asked "Can your criteria work?".