There are a select group of buyers that feel as though they are going to get the better deal by going directly to a listing agent in order to buy a house. Does it happen? Yes. Is it easy to get better terms and a higher price for the seller I represent? Yes. It's my job to represent the seller and I'm good at it.

This group of people tends to work 25% harder to save 10%. We negotiate with the seller paying a commission up front as to what happens if we run across someone trying to get a better deal by bringing commission into their negotiations. If anyone's financial gain is going to improve it will be the seller's. We simply avoid doing twice the work with twice the liability for the same price. We also avoid added hassle for the seller.

Occasionally buyers believe a listing agent will get the price reduced more because they would have more commission out of the deal. It is a possibility, but then you are truthfully hoping to get a good deal from a person willing to deceive someone they had an agreement with to keep their best interests in mind. Is that someone you want involved in your home buying process?