When you build a custom home, there is a good chance you are going to work with an architect at some point. Some custom builders have architects in house, others have working relationships with one or two.

We’ve found that while some relationships work out very well, it’s important for you as a buyer to interview both the builder and the architect they are going to have you use. If one or the other isn’t a match you’re going to feel it at some point. You’ll hear a builder say they’ve known a particular architect for years… but how long have they worked with them? How many homes have they built that the architect designed?

Some builders let you go with your own architect but that’s not always an exciting road to go down. It’s all sunshine and roses up front, otherwise there is a risk of losing your signature on their contracts. Once you’ve signed is when suddenly they won’t see eye to eye. If they’ve worked together before and can prove it with references, it’s a lot less concerning.

There is nothing wrong with requesting they both be present at an initial meeting before agreeing to sign contracts. To gain your business both should be willing to commit some time to you so you can be comfortable moving forward. Remember, you have the $$$ so you have a lot of say in what happens at the beginning. Unfortunately it’s when the $$$ starts changing hands that the amount of say seems to as well.

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