When an investor flips a home, most of the time the finished product is going to look good. It has to in order to bring top dollar for them. It may look like a new home but just what is new about it? The ones that do a good job aren’t afraid to put it down on paper for you, or show receipts for what was done and by whom.

Most investors will tell you that the whole house was gutted and everything was redone, yet when asked for a seller property disclosure they hesitate because they have an out… they never lived in the house so they can’t disclose anything.

If they have in fact redone “everything” in the house, why not put that down on paper instead of just telling people about it? This is where a lot of investors get uncomfortable because they are trying to bring in as much cash as possible without assuming any more liability than the minimum. 

Some flipped homes really are just new carpet, appliances and paint. That’s it, and when you point it out suddenly they justify things by telling you how much they paid for the appliances, carpet and paint. They won’t show you, they tell you. Be careful and always get a full home inspection done by an inspector you choose and trust.